The Harmony                               Steve Gardham

’Tis advertised in Barton, in York and all around,
That Hull is needing sailors for to hunt the whaling ground.

Chorus: Singing blow ye winds in the morning, blow ye winds hi ho,
Success to all you harpooners and blow boys blow.

We’ll take you to the Arctic and into Baffin Bay,
There you’ll hear the whalefish blow where night is turned to day.

The lookout in the crosstree stands, he cries out “There she blows!”
We over with our boats, me boys, and after her we goes.

The harpooner stands in the bow, his harpoon in his hand;
The whalefish she is sounding but she’ll breach at his command.

He shoots his lance into her hide and then the line pays out,
The whalefish breaches once again blood shooting from her spout.

And if the whale revive again she’ll take you for a ride,
But we over with our blubberhooks and and rob her of her hide.

And now we’re in the Humber and heading up to town;
The lads will jump aboard the ship and bring the garlands down.

Success unto the Harmony and all her jolly crew,
A hold that’s full of oil, me lads, and plenty of whalebone too.