The Humber basin drains roughly one fifth of England. In the south its tributary the Trent reaches well into the Midlands. To the west many tributaries drain much of the Pennines and canal access goes all the way through to Liverpool. To the north others drain much of North Yorkshire. Commercial craft have plied these waterways for many centuries, though today they are largely left to pleasure craft. The mighty Humber has long provided access to sea-going vessels which can sail far inland up the Trent and Ouse. Its major ports have seen whaling and trawling come and go as well as a great variety of international commercial traffic. The whaling and trawling are sung about on our first two albums, so here we turn to what happened on the Humber, its tributaries and canals. We take this opportunity to lament the criminal neglect of our waterways and their history. Our roads are jammed with commercial vehicles and much of what they carry could go by water for a fraction of the cost.

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