The Coast Of Peru

Come all you young fellows that’s bound out for sperm,
Come all you bold seamen that’s rounded Cape Horn;
Our captain has told us and we hope he says true,
That there’s plenty of sperm whale off the coast of Peru.

Well we’ve rounded Cape Horn and we’re now off Peru,
We’re all of one mind to endeavour to do;
Our boats are all ready, our masthead’s well manned,
Our rigging rove tight me boys and our signals all planned.

It was early one morning we heard that brave shout,
When the man on the lookout cried out, “There he spout.”
“Where away,” cried the captain, “now where do he lay?”
“Two points to our lee bow, scarce a mile away.”

“Then it’s call up all hands, me boys, and be of good cheer,
Put your tubs in your boats now and keep your bowlines all clear,
Sway up on them ropes, lads, jump in me brave crew,
Lower away now and after him, try the best you can do.”

Well the waist boat got down and of course got the start,
“Lay on,” cried the harpooner, “ for I’m hell for the long dart;
Now pull on them oars, boys, let’s make this boat fly.”
But one thing we dread, keep clear of his eye.

Well we gave him one iron and the whale he went down,
And when he came up, boys, our captain bent on,
And the next harpoon struck and the line sped away,
But whatever that whale done why he gave us fair play.

’Cos he raced and he twisted, he tumbled and spin,
But we pulled him alongside and we got the lance in,
Which caused him to vomit and the blood for to spout,
And in ten minutes time, me boys, he rolled both fins out.

Well, we pulled him alongside with many a shout,
We soon cut him in and began to try out;
Now the blubber is rendered and likewise stowed down,
And it’s worth more to us, me boys, than five hundred pounds.

Now we’re bound down to Tumbez in our manly power,
Where a man buys a whore-house for a barrel of flour;
And we’ll spend all our money on them Spanish girls ashore,
Aye and when it’s all gone, me boys, we’ll go whaling for more.