Fishermen’s Wives                      Chorus: Traditional; some verses traditional, some verses Steve Gardham

We keep chickens in our backyard, we feed ’em on Indian corn;
One’s a bugger for giving the other a piggyback over the wall.
Chase me, Charlie, chase me, Charlie, I’ve lost the leg o’ me drawers,
Chase me, Charlie, chase me, Charlie, will you lend me yours?

Chorus: Fishermen’s wives are happy, fishermen’s wives are gay,
Especially on a Friday, when drawing the old man’s pay.

Around the corner behind the tree a lairy deckie did say,
“Is it still where it used to be or has it gone astray?”

I asked Mrs Smith on Hessle Road, “Have you got any fish for a quid?”
“Fillet?” she asked with a wink at me and fill it I certainly did.

Billy got home from his last trip, in Rayners he got drunk,
And then to the game, you know the same, he dreamt about in his bunk.

There’s loads o’ bobbins in Ross’s yard, it’s good for tig and chase.
Soon as ever the sun goes down there’s bobbin’ all over the place.

Bobbers from the late night shift, the clatterin’ o’ clogs,
Wakes us up in the early hours and sets off all the dogs.